How to Choose a Gift your Girlfriend will Love

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How to Choose a Gift your Girlfriend will Love

Gifts are a wonderful way to show your girlfriend how much you love her. Gifts show that you are thinking about her, that you remembered that special occasion, or that you just plain love her for no reason at all.
Give Your Girlfriend Flowers
In fact, showing up with a gift you know she’ll love without a specific reason can end up being her favorite gift of all. If you are looking for a gift that will light up her eyes, here are six great gifts your girlfriend will love.

A Bath Set… and alone time to truly enjoy the bath

She many not need the alone time if she doesn’t have children yet, but it’s very important if she does. This is especially true if she’s a single mother. Offering to take care of the kids while she gets to catch up on a new book or simply wind down can be one of the greatest gifts of all.

Bath sets come in many different varieties. Some include fancy soaps and body scrubbers. Most are perfumed so make sure that it has a scent she likes and isn’t allergic to. Others include special towels or other accessories. Good sets start around fifteen dollars and can go up from there. Pick something you know she’ll love, and more importantly make sure she has the time to enjoy it.

Tickets to a favorite show

If you’ve been dating her for very long you probably know what she likes, but even if it has been just a few weeks you can still figure it out and surprise her even more. The easiest way to clue in is to pay careful attention to her everyday choices. Really listen to what she listens to on the radio or what show she can’t miss on TV. If she’s always listening to country and the singer she can’t resist singing along to is playing nearby, get tickets to that concert. If she’s really into sports, get tickets for the big game (or any game with a favorite team). Not only will she love it, she’ll know you pay attention to her—a big plus.

A surprise cup of coffee when you know she’s pulled an all-nighter

Does she work the graveyard shift? Is she in school and studying for exams? Maybe she has a sick child that she’s been up all night with. There are a lot of reasons a lady could use an extra cup of really nice coffee.

It doesn’t have to be a fancy drink from a designer coffee shop if you’re short on funds. A cup of coffee home brewed at the right time is often just as appreciated, especially if you have the right equipment. If she lives with you, a nice touch can be bringing a homemade cup in on a tray with a little, “I love you,” note, mixing both romance and much needed caffiene.

A personalized gift basket filled with things she wants and loves

Unless she has unusual tastes, leave the fruitcake at home.Think about her hobbies. People who make jewelry are always in need of findings (the hooks and other parts that connect things), interesting beads and other items. Someone who likes gardening might like rare seeds from a catalog, garden ornaments or markers. You may not be able to find a ready made basket but making it yourself will show that you have thought about her and what she likes to do.

The classics

Flowers, chocolate and jewelry are all great gifts. These ones are perfect for the person that you don’t know well yet, or for the romantic woman who loves these chivalrous gifts. When it comes to flowers it’s wise to make sure she isn’t allergic to any of the components of the bouquet before you send it.

Good chocolate is also a good idea. If you know what her favorite kind is, it can be the perfect spur of the moment gift. This is especially true if you’re on a tight budget, after all chocolate is much less expensive than diamonds.

Most women appreciate these gifts. Even if they aren’t the flowers type of girl, a bouquet tells them you love them, and knowing you love them is the best gift of all.

A surprise getaway

It would be great to plan a surprise trip to some romantic part of the world, but not everyone has that kind of money. A picnic in the park, if done right, can be just as much fun and just as romantic.

Keep in mind many parks have rules. Some may allow fires in barbecues or a fire pit. Some won’t or have no burn days due to the danger of wildfires. Most ban alcohol. Some states ban all forms of smoking in parks.

If the outdoors is not her thing look for a new restaurant, historical site or other place that would pique her interest. Some areas have river or lake cruises that can be fun. Others have equestrian trails with rental horses and guides. These provide one day, or even one hour, get aways for the busy woman on the go.

The most important thing about gift giving is thinking about the person you are going to give the gift to. Use your imagination, intuition and pay attention to the details and you can create a wonderful gift for your girlfriend.

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